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Downtown Rocks!
Downtown Rocks!
06.24.2011 - 06.24.2011
The Palace Danbury - Danbury
Live Music


Friday June 24th



At The Palace Danbury

Doors open at 6pm

Ticket prices $17.50 pre-show; $20 at the door


Bronze Radio Return

The roots of this travelogue-time capsule -- and the band that made it -- can be traced back to lead singer and guitarist Chris Henderson’s childhood. Spending hours on end in his father’s art studio, one of Henderson’s clearest, dearest memories is the large bronze radio, and the joyful noises he learned of there. “When the band started, we were looking for our direction, to see what this was going to be,” explains Henderson. “We came back to this idea of the return of the bronze radio, a return to some of those older, familiar sounds that all of us inherently grew up with.” The result is a forward-thinking retrospective of the sounds we all love, curated and created by Henderson, Rob Griffith (drums/vocals), Bob Tanen (bass/vocals), Matt Warner (keys, vocals), Craig Struble (harmonica/guitar), and Patrick Fetkowitz (guitar).

Ticket prices $17.50 pre-show; $20 at the door

- Supporting Acts -

Nicole Frechette

An up-and-coming country music artist hailing from Southern Connecticut, Nicole Frechette has long been pursuing a life bound by song with a beat in her heart and music in her head. However, Nicole was not always surrounded by the comforting sounds of the South: “Country music found me through the steady voice of Patsy Cline when my Grandmother would show me ‘real music’. From her five foot tall frame comes a powerful voice that commands attention, while her performances truly reflect the power of a song.
Ticket prices $17.50 pre-show; $20 at the door

Pete Herger and Friends

If you believe that places give musicians their own creative sound and fury, and if you believe that the best musicians incorporate that sound into their music, then believe this: Pete Herger is Connecticut‘s hometown rock musician, and by extension, a unique new voice in American rock.

Now, the music that Pete crafts contains distinctive undercurrents of The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and U2. But Herger‘s determination to create his own unique songwriting identity has enabled him to pull inspiration from earlier rock stars like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Joplin, Gershwin, and many more into a commanding unity of melody, harmony, song structure, and lyrical prowess, all underpinned by Herger‘s powerful yet world-weary voice conveying raw, honest emotion.

Ticket prices $17.50 pre-show; $20 at the door

Amanda Bloom & Jon Chapman

Two of Danbury's finest solo musicians have come together to rock your face and melt your heart.  Both artists exhibit an uncanny originality whilst drawing from their roots of folk, blues and old-school rock 'n roll.  Armed with a couple guitars, two sweet voices and a vast repertoire, this duo makes you feel like you just washed down your favorite dessert with a pint of whiskey.

Ticket prices $17.50 pre-show; $20 at the door




The Palace Danbury
165 Main Street
Country: us


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